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"8" Ender at Detroit Lakes Curling Club

Press Release:

February 2, 2006

8-Ender scored at Lakes Curling Club

Every sport or game has its signature achievement. An elusive superlative that is dramatically superior or significantly less likely than other feats in that particular sport. The achievements are usually expressed in numerical form. Among the "target sports", 10 pin Bowling has it's 300 game, Golf the hole-in-one, Archery, it's triple bulls-eye, and Curling has the much revered, but extremely elusive, "8-Ender."

On the face of it, an "8-Ender" could be interpreted to hole-in-one in golf on a 200 yard plus hole. A curling team must get all eight of their rocks in the house, all closer to the center button, than their opponent's 8 rocks, an event that pushes the limits of curling probability.

The Maplewood Veterinary & Animal Hospital Team from Pelican Rapids called the "Lucky Dogs" scored an 8-Ender in the second end during league play on Tuesday January 10, 2006 at Lakes Curling Club in Detroit Lakes. In the 26 year history of Lakes Curling Club, there has only been one other 8-Ender recorded, and that by a women's team.

Team members scoring the 8-Ender, are pictured Left to Right: John Evenson-Vice, Gene Ripley-Lead, Chris Evenson-Second, and Mike Magnusson-Skip.

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