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Leagues Commissioner
Sue Meacham (218) 847-2979
Questions regarding the curling leagues, contact Sue Meacham via email or call. All League Captains please turn in weekly scores to the League Commissioner.
Curling League Captains
Monday Keven Meacham 847-2979
Tuesday Mike Magnusson 863-5665
Wednesday Jim Sinclair 847-4216
Thursday Bruce Bryngelson 846-9485
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League Rules for Season
1. Team rosters must be made out on or before the first night of play. Any additional members may be added as needed.
2. All subs will fill out a sub information sheet. (This sheet will consist of their name, address, phone number, e-mail and comments as to if they would like to play on a team or sub on other teams.) This will be a good list to recruit new members.
3. Any sub that plays over three times shall be considered either a regular member and is expected to pay dues, or pay $10.00 per night.
4. For a team to play, they must have at least two players that are on their roster or forfeit. All subs must play in the 1st position, if 2 subs, they will play in the 1st and 2nd position.
5. Leagues with more than 8 teams will start the early time at 6:30pm and the late time at 8:30pm. Those teams not able to start by 6:40pm, forfeit one point for first end, to other team. The other team will have the hammer in the second end. Last end will be started by no later than 8:20pm.
6. Tie after 8 ends, on early time only, will result in each player throwing one rock. These rocks can be swept, clear ice of rocks after each throw. Points given: one point for the 12 footer; two for 8 footer; three for 4 footer; and four for the center ring. Highest point total wins!
7. We will keep the 7pm start time for all others.
8. The winning team shall clean the ice and make sure that the win and loss is posted.
Two Person Curling League - Information and Rules

For questions email: Lakes Curling Club 
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