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2024-25 Elected Officers

President - Terra Huff: 218-850-8676

Past President - Dustin Richter: 218-234-1075

Vice President - Aaron Braaten: 218-234-5659

Treasurer - Kelly Schiffner: 218-849-0114

Secretary - Nikki Jenson: 218-849-7099

Officer at Large - Matt Rishovd: 218-850-1284

Officer at Large - Mark Kowalski: 218-770-6488

Officer at Large - Michelle Ciesielski: 507-822-4631

Officer at Large - Mindy Retz: 218-841-9585

IceBruce Bryngelson

Youth Program: Jake Blow  218-849-7398

Community Education: Mike Morrison  701-388-9202

Women's Gopher State: Mikki Jenson  218-849-7099

Meeting Minutes:

June 4, 2024


The regular meeting of the Lakes Curling Club was called to order at 4:05 pm on June 4, 2024 by Terra Huff




Terra Huff, Aaron Braatan, Mindy Retz, Kelly Schiffner, Mike Morrison, Mark Kowalski, and Nikki





  • Role Assignments: Kelly Schiffner – Treasurer, Aaron Braatan – Vice President, Nikki Jenson – Co-Secretary with Michelle Ciesielski, Matt Rishovd – Ice Liaison, and Mark Kowalski – Pelican Rapids Liaison

    • Still needed Legacy Board Member – possibly Roger Lee

    • Youth Program Development – Jake Blow

      • Needed – “Youth Protection” to prevent liability; Motion made by Mike Morrison to add to youth development program, Mindy Retz & Aaron Braatan 2nd, All in Favor & motion passes

  • Treasurer Report: Mike Morrison provided printout

    • Nikki Jenson makes a motion to approve Treasurer report, Mark Kowalski 2nd, All in Favor and report approved

  • Membership Dues and collection – tabled

  • Discussion of reimbursement & assistance to youth development camps/clinics – tabled

    • Youth expenses to be discussed after review of 501.3(c) documents

  • Music on Mountain update – fundraiser for Lakes Curling Club – Dustin Richter & Brian Retz volunteer organizers

  • Other tabled items

    • Tax exempt details

    • Painting sign on the building

    • ​​New signage for Highway 59 entrance

    • Women’s bathroom cabinet

  • Sunlite Bar donated bar stools to Lakes Curling Club – just need to go through and decide which ones to keep

  • Advertising – Huge thank you to Keith Hochgraber for years of service and handling our advertising

    • Dustin Richter & possibly Jim Velde to take over project

  • Thank You list:

    • Brian, Dustin, Sunlite, Jon Ramsey & Herzog’s

  • Finalize 2024-2025 Bonspiel Dates – tabled next meeting

  • Membership rates – tabled next meeting

Next Meeting: July 14, 2024

Adjournment: 5:06 pm

Minutes submitted by: Nikki Jenson

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