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2021-22 Elected Officers

President: Matt Rishovd

Vice President: 

Past President: Eric Christianson

Treasurer: Mike Morrison

Secretary: Jake Blow

IceBruce Bryngelson

Board Members:

Terra Huff

James Huff

Becca Kent

Mark Gulseth

Brian Retz

Dustin Richter


Lakes Curling Club


Meeting Minutes

September 8,2020



The regular meeting of the Lakes Curling Club was called to order at 7:14 pm



Gene Benson, Eric Christianson, Matt Rishovd, Terra Huff, James Huff, Becca Kent, Brian Retz and Nikki Jenson 



Minutes - change to minutes to include dollar amount of automatic loan payment from $4500 to $3500


Treasurer Report – tabled; partial report included balance @ $19,628; Outstanding invoice to Chris Hanson for $65 to be paid; Outstanding invoice to Wayne at Sunlight, possible on kind signage with more determined amount


Designated Signers on Bremer Bank currently Brian Shepard and Gene Benson

Signature Changed, online banking changed and set up by Gene Benson, PayPal account not yet updated


Election. Of vacant Directors - tabulation of mailed in ballots

28 ballots received

Tabulation unanimous for election of the following Board:

Jake Blow, Mark Gulseth, Terra Huff, James Huff, Becca Kent, Mike Morrison


Committee Assignments:

League Committee (COVID-19 Guidelines) - Morrison/Christianson 

Tabled discussion on upcoming CurlingSeason

Marketing - Not assigned 

Maintenance (inside/outside) -Not assigned

School Classes/Junior Program

Communications (website,email,newsletter) - Terra Huff


Membership - Becca Kent


2020 - 2021 Bonspiel - Tabled

Building Needs - Tabled

Treasury Vacancy - Tabled

501 c3 designation - Tabled

Start of the season - Tabled, awaiting Guidelines for Curling (COVID-19)

Other agenda items - ? None 


Next Meeting: September  30,2020 at 6:30PM


Adjournment: 8:50 PM

Minutes submitted by:           Nikki Jenson

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