Much has been discovered regarding COVID since its arrival, with the most comforting being that it is transmitted in much the same manner as influenza and other respiratory viruses. Personal responsibility for healthy choices has been found to be highly effective in the fight against COVID and every other communicable disease. As a result, Lakes Curling Club (LCC) COVID policy will hinge on the personal health choices of its members and guests.

LCC is not currently requiring the use of face masks, although we recommend them if you have not been vaccinated. At this time, we can leave that decision up to our members and guests. As you return to the club, you will see that some individuals are choosing to wear masks and we support them and their personal health decisions.

LCC will continue to encourage members to self-screen and stay home in case symptoms develop for COVID or any other infection. Basic hygiene and self-quarantining when symptoms of illness arise continue to be the best defense against all communicable diseases. In the case of a positive COVID test, keep yourself and immediate family members away from the club for 10 days. Close contacts who are vaccinated do not need to quarantine. Members and guests may also return immediately following a negative test result.  

LCC also continues to be a member-maintained club, so members and guests are reminded to use cleaning materials supplied by the club to sanitize tables and other common areas after use. Current research has not connected a substantial number of COVID transmissions to surface contamination, so LCC will not be requiring the sanitizing of common items (i.e. rock handles) at this time. Members and guests are encouraged to use hand sanitizer or club facilities after touching common items. 

If you are eligible to receive a vaccination, LCC encourages you to get started on the vaccination process. LCC will not require members to be vaccinated, but we acknowledge that vaccinations do work to immunize against or prevent serious outcomes from COVID-19. 

The LCC Board will be constantly assessing our situation and making adjustments to this policy as needed. The Board bases decisions on local data within our county, city, and schools, and must follow state and federal regulations as applicable.