COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for Lakes Curling Club


Lakes Curling Club is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our members and visitors. To ensure we have a safe and healthy workplace, Lakes Curling Club has developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lakes Curling Club COVID-19 Preparedness Plan follows the industry guidance developed by the state of Minnesota, available at the Stay Safe Minnesota website (, which is based upon Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines for COVID-19, Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MNOSHA) statutes, rules and standards, and Minnesota’s relevant and current executive orders.


It addresses:

  • ensuring sick members and visitors stay home and prompt identification and isolation of sick persons;

  • social distancing – members must be at least six-feet apart;

  • worker hygiene and source controls, including face coverings;

  • workplace building and ventilation protocol;

  • workplace cleaning and disinfection protocol;

  • drop-off, pick-up and delivery practices and protocol; and

  • communications and training practices and protocol.

Ensure sick workers stay home and prompt identification and isolation of sick persons


Workers have been informed of and encouraged to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The following policies and procedures are being implemented to assess workers’ health status prior to entering the workplace and for workers to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms. All entrants must self-screen for COVID symptoms using the sign posted at the entrance. If you answer “yes” to any of the symptoms below you should not enter the building.


  • Do you have a temperature of 100.4(F) or higher?

  • Do you have a new or worsening cough today?

  • Do you have any of the following symptoms?

     ◦ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

     ◦ Fatigue

     ◦ Muscle or body aches

     ◦ Headache

     ◦ New loss of taste or smell

     ◦ Sore throat

     ◦ Congestion or runny nose

     ◦ Nausea or vomiting

     ◦ Diarrhea


LCC will NOT be providing a temperature scan. These are the guidelines as of the date of this document. Here is the link to MDH’s most current guidelines:

All visitors must sign in and out. In addition, participants and members who have tested positive should follow CDC guidelines as to when they may be able to participate again.

Social distancing – Workers must be at least six-feet apart


Social distancing of at least six feet will be implemented and maintained between workers, members, and visitors in the facility through the following engineering and administrative controls: Persons in the facility shall maintain six foot spacing (social distancing) to the extent possible. Persons inside LCC facilities are required to wear masks and may remove masks only when allowed per Executive Order 20-81. Capacity in the warm room shall be no more than 40 to allow for social distancing. More specifics on social distancing has been laid out in our Return to Curling COVID-19 Policy.


Worker hygiene and source controls


Members and guests are being instructed to cover their mouth and nose with their sleeve or a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and to avoid touching their face, particularly their mouth, nose and eyes, with their hands. Members and guests are expected to dispose of tissues in provided trash receptacles and wash or sanitize their hands immediately afterward. Respiratory etiquette will be demonstrated on posters and supported by making tissues and trash receptacles available to all members and other persons entering the facility. Hand sanitizing station(s) will be made available for members of the club to utilize. Hand washing and appropriate respiratory etiquette will be recommended. Information regarding these best practices will be posted within Lakes Curling Club.


Workplace building and ventilation protocol


Portable air cleaners will help the Lakes Curling Club reduce indoor pollutants that are airborne including viruses. By themselves these units are not enough to protect members and visitors from the virus that causes COVID-19, however in conjunction with the guidelines stated in this document and other best practices recommended by CDC and MDH, filtration will be used as another part of the plan to protect those inside Lakes Curling Club. Portable air filters have been placed in the warm room area to help mitigate this area.

Workplace cleaning and disinfection protocol

All common high touch areas should be disinfected after use by the individual who used the item. Sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizer will be provided by the club. Wearing masks are required while within the facility. In the event of multiple COVID-19 infections occurring due to the clubs activity, the board will convene and make decisions about the future of curling for the 2020-2021 season. On ice protocols are outlined in the COVID-19 Return to curling policy.


Drop-off, pick-up and delivery practices and protocol


Deliveries are done during off-hours when large number of members are not at the club. Delivery drivers must follow the procedures of the club for social distancing and masking. Signage will be posted at the entryway for any non-members.


Communications and training practices and protocol


The Lakes Curling Club COVID-19 Return to Curling Policy will be posted for members to review and follow. Upon initiation of league nights, league captains will ensure that their teams are have access to the COVID-19 Policy. This COVID-19 Preparedness Plan has been certified by Lakes Curling Club Board of Directors and the plan was posted throughout the workplace and made readily available to members 12-30-2020. It will be updated as necessary.


Endorsed by:

Gene Benson President,

Lakes Curling Club

Appendix A – Guidance for developing a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan



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